An artist, haunted by her past, desperately struggles to uncover the identity of her potential killer after a mysterious man predicts her future.


After hearing crushing news about her husband, surrealist painter Emily has a strange encounter on the Night Tube with a mysterious man who offers to read her fortune. She already knows the fate of her marriage doesn't look good and doesn't need a stranger to tell her this.

Despite her reluctance, he predicts her future: three people in her life will betray her within the month. He harrowingly ends his prediction by warning her that he sees a gun being pointed at her head. Soon, the prediction about the betrayals comes true, leaving her suspicious and unable to trust the people closest to her.

When she learns that her husband's betrayal is connected to the mysterious man from the Tube – and a dead woman – she suspects the Tube encounter was not coincidental. But her husband is not the only sinner; there are two more. Three wrongdoings, resulting in three motives to hold a gun to Emily's head.

Whilst battling paranoia and questioning her beliefs, she sets out to discover the gunman's identity before the prediction can come true. But the more she finds out about the wrongdoings committed by others, the more she realises it could well be her own that will determine her fate.