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Allie Davies lives in the UK with her husband, daughter, and two cats. 

She studied Writing & Media at Middlesex University, London, which is where she came up with the plot for The Fate She Sees. She is currently outlining her second psychological thriller, which will be released late 2022.

In addition to novels, she also writes stage plays. In 2021, her short script Exposed was selected to be performed live by professional actors as part of an online Scratch Night.

Allie's debut novel, The Fate She Sees, features a fortune-teller. Allie has visited a few fortune-tellers, and some of their predictions came true (however, she's never had her palm read on the Tube, unlike her main character in her debut)!

She would love to hear readers' tales about visits to a fortune-teller. Please do get in touch if you'd like Allie to share your story in her newsletter.